#40before40 – v2

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Last year I posted my first #40before40 bucket list – a list that I had been writing for some time.  I made a start on working my way through the items…some of which were just so far fetched, I was never going to accomplish it.

In January, my world was completely turned upside down, and 4 months later there is light at the end of the tunnel and I’m in a lot better place.

So, I thought it was time to revise my list and start tackling the items with vengeance given that there is only 319 days until I turn 40…eek!

  1. Be Happy! 🙂
  2. Stop worrying about what people think of me
  3. Get to my target weight/clothes size
  4. Clear my debt
  5. Go on a road trip with friends
  6. Teach Matthew to ride a bike without stabilisers
  7. Run a 10k…the whole way
  8. Go skinny dipping
  9. Do a sky dive
  10. Climb a Scottish munro
  11. Try Paddle boarding
  12. Swim with dolphins
  13. Attend a Festival
  14. Watch the sunset in Ibiza
  15. Own a SLR camera and learn how to use it properly
  16. Take up a sport as a hobby
  17. Restart my blog
  18. Try vegan eating for 30 days
  19. Have a caffeine detox for 22 days (or more)
  20. Go horse-riding
  21. Get a tattoo
  22. Take the boys on a camping holiday
  23. Get botox!
  24. Make/eat more exotic food
  25. Go to a spa
  26. Bake a show stopping cake
  27. Visit at least 1 Scottish island
  28. Snorkel in the Indian Ocean
  29. Make a home for me and my boys
  30. Get divorced
  31. Overcome my phobia of wasps
  32. Disconnect for a week
  33. Let go of my OCD tendencies and be more spontaneous!
  34. Go on a dirty weekend 😉
  35. Make more of an effort when leaving the house
  36. Learn how to let go of my anger
  37. Fly somewhere business class
  38. Blag myself a free upgrade
  39. Be comfortable showing my tummy in public
  40. Celebrate turning 40 in style

Hopefully by kickstarting my list again, this will give me some motivation to tackle No 17 🙂

What items would you have on your bucket list?


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