Love + Hate: The Challenge

I was recently tagged by the lovely Katie over at Heels and Hooves in a challenge to think of just 10 things I both love and hate!

There are many things I love/hate, but wow is it difficult when it comes to writing it down!

L  O  V  E

  1. My boys – yes, its a given, but I would be lost without them
  2. Cornwall (specifically St Ives area)…it feels like coming home every time we’ve went there.
  3. Autumn in Pitlochry.  I love going there in Autumn, going to see the Enchanted Forest and walking through lovely woodland with trees all shades of orange.
  4. Organising things.
  5. Pre Christmas!  My most favourite time of the year, I love the run-up to it having festive fun.  Having kids now gives me an even bigger excuse to celebrate!
  6. Coffee.
  7. Cake to go with coffee!  Favourites are chocolate, coffee & walnut and Carrot!
  8. Tidy mud!  I love when I’ve weeded the garden and its all tidy again!
  9. Spreadsheets….I do everything in Excel….love planning in a spreadsheet!
  10. Catching up with friends.  We are all spread so far apart now and all lead busy lives, its lovely when we do, and always spurs me on to make more of an effort to try and organise more regular catch-ups.


  1. Christmas Day!  Whilst I love Christmas, and love seeing Matthew opening his presents, its so stressful and a bit of anti climax as I’ve built it up to be something so magical and doesnt help I’m married to the Grinch!
  2. Tuesday morning school runs.  The combination of narrow street paths, wheelie bin(s) day and dodging dog sh*te really gets my blood boiling
  3. Other drivers.  I detest other drivers – there are probably too many points to list – I get serious road rage!
  4. Cardboard inserts of toilet rolls.  I seem to be the only person in our household capable of taking them to the bin!
  5. People who don’t hold the door open for you/people who don’t say thank you when you hold the door open for them.
  6. People always leaving the organising to me…particularly friend catch ups!  If it wasn’t for me, we would never meet!
  7. Walking on grass.  I hate me or my son walking on grass in fear of standing in something yucky!
  8. My ever increasing baby brain.  Starting a conversation and forgetting half way through what the point of the conversation was.
  9. Gin & Tonic – I can only imagine its what methylated spirits tastes like.  Give me a glass of rose any day!
  10. Wasps.  They serve no purpose on this earth.  I am completely phobic of them, and have been known to run away from my children and handbag when I see one!

I tag RaisingtheRingssusankmann and thebreastestnews – sorry ladies if you have already been tagged x


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