#40before40 – my bucket list

Before I turned 30, it never really bothered me about a special age …it was just another birthday.  Until I reached the day of the momentous occasion.  I went to work, told no one of said event and then went home to an empty house as hubby was still at work.  I poured myself a celebratory drink and then it hit me – why was I sitting at home doing nothing.  I’ve always been that friend that is the organiser of get togethers – but when it comes to my own celebrations, I seem to shy away from it.  Anyway, I digress from the subject at hand.  What I learnt from my 30th birthday was that I wanted to celebrate my 40th birthday in style.  My best friend’s birthday is the week after mine – she also didn’t celebrate her 30th as her father had recently passed away suddenly and was struggling to get over it.  Every time we meet up we talk about what we will do to celebrate our 40th birthday.

As I’m now hurdling to that age at break neck speed, at the beginning of 2014, I started saving for whatever celebrations I end up choosing to mark the occasion and I wrote a list of things I would like to do/accomplish before reaching that grand age and so #40before40 was born.  Well, when I say born – I started writing a list, and then got distracted!  So, now with 18 months to go, I’ve decided to kick start the list.

Its funny reviewing the list again – some I’ve accomplished and some are so far fetched I doubt I’ll complete in the timeframe – but we all need dreams right?

Untitled design (3)

  1. Buy a family business
  2. Run a successful family business (work in progress 🙂 )
  3. Go to the Maldives
  4. Have another baby (Nathan born July 2015!)
  5. Stop worrying about what people think of me
  6. Get to my target weight/clothes size
  7. Move to Cornwall
  8. Clear my debt
  9. Go on holiday with friends
  10. Own a designer handbag
  11. Re-learn to ski or learn to snowboard
  12. Go on a ski-ing holiday
  13. Teach Matthew to ride a bike without stablisisers
  14. Run a 10k…the whole way
  15. Go skinny dipping
  16. Sky Dive
  17. Feel part of a local community
  18. Climb a Scottish munro
  19. Try Paddle boarding
  20. Swim with dolphins
  21. Attend a Festival
  22. Watch the sunset in Ibiza
  23. Own a SLR camera and learn how to use it properly
  24. Take up a sport as a hobby
  25. Learn a craft and make something worth selling
  26. Restart my blog
  27. Try vegan eating for 30 days
  28. Have a caffeine detox for 22 days (or more)
  29. Go horseriding
  30. Go away on a child-free romantic weekend break
  31. Get a tattoo
  32. Take the boys on a camping holiday
  33. Get botox!
  34. Grow my hair long enough to wear in a plait
  35. Take part in organising a successful community event
  36. Make/eat more exotc food
  37. Go to a spa
  38. Bake a showstopping cake
  39. Visit at least 1 scottish island
  40. Celebrate turning 40 in style

Re-reading the list, I will need a lot of time and pennies so better get cracking.  How did you celebrate your big birthdays?


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