Meal Planning Monday 07.09.15

Wow, its been a while!  I’ve literally not had a minute to do anything since I finished up for maternity leave at the beginning of June…clearly I’ve still found time to eat…and boy I make sure I feed my face!

I had been trying to stick to a budget of £25 per week, however as Tesco have bumped up their minimum spend with their online delivery saver scheme to £40, I’ll probably need to revise how I shop – I’ve done a couple of shops recently and reverted back to bulk purchasing..which only means things end up in the bin before I get round to cooking/eating it.

I’ve also become a bit lazy with Matthew’s dinners – he is a really fussy eater at the best of times which is difficult.  I managed to come to an agreement with him yesterday that if he had chicken nuggets for tea, he wouldn’t get them for the rest of the week.

So, this week’s meal plan is mostly targetted at dinners to work with his eating preferences.  Not the most exotic of meals, but I’ll be happy just getting him to eat!


Monday – Mince, tatties and beans.  As M won’t eat veggies, I managed to hide mashed carrot through the potatoes and he ate the lot once I mashed it all up together!

Tuesday – Fish Fingers, Waffles & Corn on the Cob.  M recently asked to try corn on the cob as my parents always done them on bbq but he wouldn’t eat them – so giving it a bash since he’s shown an interest

Wednesday – Homemade chicken goujons, and possibly savoury rice

Thursday – Spaghetti Bolognese (with hidden veg!)

Friday – Homemade pizza topped with my take on Annabel Karmel’s Hidden Veg tomato sauce

Saturday – Sausage & Pasta (using the hidden veg tomato sauce).  I may have salmon with mine instead of sausages.

Sunday – Chicken & Mushroom Pie, Potatoes and veg

I have the majority of ingredients for the above, but will need to pop to shops tomorrow or Wednesday for a couple of items to see us through the week.

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