38 Weeks Prego Update

After no blogging for 8 weeks, I have the urge to document these final weeks.

I reached 38 weeks on Tuesday and celebrated by catching up with some work pals for lunch.  Was weird hearing about all the changes happening, I had a moment when I felt down that I’m no longer a part of it (for now anyway).  But quickly got over it!

Wednesday I woke after the worst sleep ever with the most excruciating piles pain – think I’ve developed a thrombosed haemorrhoid – I can only describe the pain as worse than labour and post section combined.  Nothing I did helped.  I was in tears trying to sit down or stand up ;(

So, needless to say I was ready for my midwife/consultant appointment on Thursday afternoon to discuss whether to have an elective section or not.  After sitting waiting on my turn at the clinic for 75 minutes, I had a meltdown and demanded to know how long we would have to wait – the waiting area was roasting, there was only 1 fan (which some loved up couple were hogging), I could see my feet swelling before my eyes and my 6 year old was getting restless…jeez, we had managed to watch the whole of Despicable Me on the hospital tv!  Turned out that my notes had been passed to scanning department which had delayed my turn…wouldn’t have minded as much if I had even had a scan!

So, as I waddled in after waiting 90 minutes, the tears started (combination of piles pain and the puffy feet) and I confirmed I wanted an elective section.  Midwife discussed briefly, and after checking baby’s position, he had moved to back-to-back, I felt it was definitely the right decision for me, given history of making extremely large babies and the ongoing piles issue.

Was so cute when M came over fascinated listening to his brother’s heart beat!

Whilst I still have issues with the thought of recovery and the guilt at thought of my poor 6 year old’s remaining school hols fun being squashed, I’ll just need to deal with it.  Luckily I ended up not having to see the usual dragon consultant to sign off booking me in for section and got a nice young lady.  So next week, all going well, I’ll be mummy to 2 boys…EEK!

As I had been promising to take M out all week, Friday I dragged my weary agony butt to Pizza Hut for some lunch then a crazy golf place – Adventure Golf Island – was good to get out and do something together, and made it worthwhile when he said on way home he had had the best day ever!

Adventure Golf Island

So, plan is now to get us all organised for impending date.  I will need to relook at my hospital bag – looking for some tips from ladies who had a section and breastfed afterwards – did you take nighties or were PJ’s easier for example?  I’m also going to purchase some post section remedies – anyone got any recommendations/must haves?

I’m trying to find that inner nesting feeling to try get the flat into some sort of order for the visitors that will descend on us afterwards (thinking more about the midwife visits 😉 )

So, potentially the last bump shot – stick me with a fork…I’m done!  M was 11lb 2oz and 59cm long – I’m hoping this one is slightly smaller!

Bump Shot - 38+4 weeks
Bump Shot – 38+4 weeks

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