A Well Overdue Bump Update (30 – 37 weeks)

Jeez…where has the past 8 weeks disappeared to?  I literally haven’t had a moment or the energy to sit at laptop for anything other than the essential.

My last update was at 29 weeks…what has happened since then?

I worked up until 32 weeks at my day job since I had loads of holidays to use up.  The last couple of weeks were a struggle – what with lack of energy and lots of changes happening, which were making things unsettled.

I had hoped to get a couple of days to chill before going on the rota to work official shifts at our business (bar, restaurant and B&B) – but alas, due to number of staff needing to use up holidays by end of our calendar year, I basically had to work every day.  After day 2, my feet could no longer handle the pain of standing and the puffy feet and legs appeared.  But the end of the month, they got used to it and I found a burst of energy…so much so, I struggled with restless legs if sat down for any length of time.

Needless to say, since I was constantly working, I had no time to get all the stuff I had been putting off organised for baby.  I’m mostly there now – Bednest has arrived and is built (and is fastly becoming a storage facility), my hospital bag is almost packed (I keep thinking of things to add every day, but then forget when I go to do it!), the cot has arrived, built and now being used for clothes storage since I’ve still not found a solution.  I sat down last night and wrote my birth preferences (ish) – hard having to write 2 versions – one for elective section and one for normal birth.

I’ve only had 1 appointment in the past 8 weeks – at 34 weeks I had a midwife/consultant appointment to discuss method of delivery – which I was asked on arrival, why I was there?!!!  Seriously, feeling slightly let down by the care I’m receiving this time round.  Anyway, due to my number of concerns, things to consider etc, the consultant ended up telling me to come back in 4 weeks and hopefully I would be nearer a decision by then!!  At the appointment there was still no sign of my previous maternity notes.  However, I had submitted a request to the legal department for my own copy – which I received at end of June.  However, had technical issues reading the disc as laptop wouldn’t work properly with the encryption.  Ah…but see today when I finally get round to calling legal dept to complain I can’t read the files and they promise to call me back, after a reboot of laptop it works!  Sat and read through 150 ish pages of notes – was interesting to read…but the most interesting part was a letter from previous hospital to current offering details…dated 20th May!!  Will be raising this at my appointment on Thursday.

Symptom-wise – it was too good to be true – heartburn had disappeared for a couple of weeks but has reared its ugly head again.  My hands are constantly tingling/numb or ache – I cannot wait to have normal feeling in my hands again.  I’ve also now developed a major dose of piles – never having them before, I think I left it too long before getting cream…going to the loo totally wipes me out – it takes hours for me to recover from the pain.  I’m now seriously considering an elective section just to avoid any further discomfort.


Not much can say about bump, apart from I now feel massive!  Some days it feels like bump has dropped slightly, others not at all.  It is definitely getting more difficult to move though.

33 - 35 weeks37 weeks

33 weeks  |  34 weeks  |  35 weeks  |  37 weeks


In total so far have put on 26lbs, but actually feel like I may have lost a couple of lbs (if that makes sense!)


Are all over the place.  I sit some days and try to work out whether all these feelings and thoughts are rational thoughts, or are in actual fact crazy pregnant lady who just feels like they are rational.  It doesn’t take much for some days the slightest thing to put me in a rage.  Other days I’m really down and let our family situation get to me and contemplate leaving.  Either way, I eventually calm down.  I have had a few moments or tears I’ve struggled to control in front of my son who then asks me why I’m sad – difficult trying to explain to a 6 year old.


I’m now at that stage where if I wake for the slightest moment during the night, I can guarantee I will be awake for hours.  I recall this first time round and getting up during middle of night and being productive doing ironing and watching pregnancy/birth programmes.  I don’t bother with that I just lie and faff about on my phone!  Mummy guilt is kicking in now though as my big boy is off on school holidays and during day I’m just too exhausted to do fun stuff.


I now have most of all the essential items, and am trying to hold off buying anything else for now until after baby is here.  I’ve bought a present for baby to give to his big brother, but nothing as yet from BB to baby…was thinking about skipping it.  There is a teddy in the attic I thought he could give to him, as it is similar to one he has.  To be honest, I’m like the baby will get so much, I wasn’t going to bother!
Things to-do/Sort

Finish those last minute bits for hospital bag, pack a bag for hubby and after this Thursday’s appointment depending on decision, sort out childcare for M.  Oh, and get the lady garden attended to…after 6 months EEK!

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