My #Maternityleavemission

So, clearly I’m insane since I don’t have enough on my plate with a 6 year old, a new baby on way and a fledging business about to hit our busiest time of the year!  I finish up from the “day job” in 2 weeks and I’ve set myself a mission to sort out the attic room into a usable and multi functioning space – it needs to double up as a guest room (and potentially somewhere I can go sleep if baby is up a lot during night when we have B&B guests in the room directly below us), a playroom and storage.  However, I have no patience…so the mission starts now!

When we moved in last year, I managed to get a double bed up the extremely steep stairs, but it took up so much room and was rarely used (no one comes to visit us ;( ), we’ve just this week moved the bed back out and it now just looks like a junk room.

    the stairs
  top landing / storage area   before the bed came back out

 full of baby paraphernalia and toys!

Unfortunately I don’t have a massive pot of pennies to do it up, but hoping it won’t take too much to make it comfortable and pretty.  As we only lease the property, we are limited to what we can actually do…I’ll have to live with the woodchip walls ;(

So, stage 1 is to cover up the lovely bright yellow walls and order a new daybed.  Hopefully I’ll be able to provide an update in the next week or so on progress.  Probably before I attempt to paint the walls, I should really sort all the junk up there!!


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