Pregnancy Update – Week 29

Wow…getting ever nearer to that single figure countdown!

The past week has seen a couple of appointments.  Monday was Whooping Cough jag day, which was fine…although I felt I had a funny taste in my mouth afterwards.

Tuesday was Glucose Tolerance Test…I had my last eat/drink at 8.30pm the night before and my appointment was at 9am.  First bloods were taken, then the drink which wasn’t actually too bad, then I had to sit in Reception for 2 hours…those chairs were so uncomfy – I was so tempted to ask for a bed so I could have a nap as I was totally shattered.  I then went back for blood test number 2.  They offered me some food afterwards, but nothing sounded as tempting as a McDonalds!  After a McChicken sandwich meal, I headed to Mothercare to return a maxi dress I had bought in March which I only got round to trying on last week and it was horrendous!  Picked up a nice dress and couple of tops which will double up as nursing tops (hopefully if I managed to breastfeed).  The next morning I got the call from hospital to say results had come back fine…so no gestational diabetes…I must just cook big babies!

The rest of the week passed in a bit of a blur, with day job lots of changes taking place, which I’m not too concerned about as not sure at this time whether I will go back or not, but a bit unsettling when you don’t know what your role will be.  Our business was very busy over the weekend, so I had to help out…which wiped me out on Sunday and I felt like bit of a failure to M as we did nothing fun 😦


At beginning of week didn’t notice too much, but by weekend looked like I had stuck a watermelon up my jumper and belly button felt like it was getting ripped open again.


Heartburn on and off, noticed a bit of boob leakage when in shower and I swear I’m not imagining the cankles!


2lbs on…darn you cakes!


Feeling a bit more positive this week which in turn has helped me start getting butt in gear and get organised.


Could definitely be doing with more of that!


Bought a Tippietoes mini baby bath, since I only have a shower cubicle and Chicco Baby Bouncer chair.  Have been researching cots today – even though I won’t need for a few months, but have decided to not to put off purchasing and just going to get it now.  Also picked up a few bits to start putting away for hospital bag.

Things to-do/Sort

Not got anything specific this week to sort out – but making the most of the quiet times during work to get stuff purchased!  I have on my list for maternity leave to sort out our attic room, but I think I need to start on that now, as running out of storage space/somewhere for guests to sleep if they come to help once baby here.

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2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update – Week 29

    1. Thanks! Not sure if imagining it, but bump definitely feels lower this week… Either that or has changed shape. Not heard anything about notes, but have sent request to NHS Lanarkshire legal dept for copy of notes… Can take up to 40 days… Will probably be too late by then. X


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