Meal Planning Monday – Week 3

How is it Monday again?

So my quest last week to not do a food shop and live off the remaining items in fridge/freezer/cupboard was a semi success/failure.  Whilst I didn’t do a food shop, I cheated and ended up having a few meals prepared and cooked from our restaurant.  So, again this week I still have plenty items to be used up.  However, as the cupboards were bare of any treats, I did a Tesco online shop for a few essentials…and a lot of treats!  I’m definitely going through a phase in this pregnancy of craving sweet things!

My shopping total for today’s delivery came to £25.42…so just over ever so slightly of my £25 per week budget….and would you look at that…not even a full meal in all of that!

Dinners this week are

  • Monday – Monday Mince aka Spaghetti bolognese!
  • Tuesday – Chicken Salad Wrap / Chicken goujons & waffles for the boy
  • Wednesday – Pasta in a homemade sauce with sausages (and veg for me)
  • Thursday – Rice based dish – chicken & veg savoury rice
  • Friday – takeaway
  • Saturday – Homemade Pizza Saturday
  • Sunday – Steak Pie, pots and veg

So, that’s it for this week….I’m hoping to eat slightly better than last week…there were a LOT of cakes consumed!



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