Meal Planning Monday – Week 2

How are you all this week?  After the success of Week 1 (in which I made a schoolgirl error and called it Meal Prep Monday…my bad), I was actually excited to crack on with planning for this week…so much so this week’s menu was planned on Friday night (I know…rock n roll!).

Usually I tend to buy in bulk due to my aversion to food shopping and love of batch cooking, however due to the vast quantities of food in fridge and a full-to-the-gunnel freezer, I set myself a weekly budget of £25 per week after reading Hannah’s post over at HiBabyBlog.  Last week I was marginly over budget with buying only the essentials, however my shop included a large bottle of washing liquid.

This week I’m actually attempting to avoid doing a food shop all together (get the picture how much food I actually had before?!)

So, this week’s menu is as follows:

  • Monday:  Spaghetti Bolognese
  • Tuesday:  Chicken Salad wrap for me/Chicken goujons and potato/carrot waffles
  • Wednesday:  Spanish Omelette/Frittata type concoction!
  • Thursday:  Pasta in a sauce with sausages
  • Friday:  Takeaway 🙂
  • Saturday:  Homemade Pizza
  • Sunday:  Steak Pie, Potatoes & Veg

So, for that list, I mostly have all the staples.  I have had to buy a packet of mushrooms and some eggs.  For Sunday’s dinner I will cheat slightly and steal the potatoes and veg from our restaurant – otherwise if I buy fresh, most of it goes to waste and will end up in bin.



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