#BlogBumpClub : Pregnancy Update – Week 28

How are you all this week?

This week I had my 28 week midwife check-up, coupled with a consultant appointment.

All I seem to do is wait.  Firstly, I had to wait 55 minutes for my appointment.  Then I’ve been waiting for NHS Fife to obtain my previous birth notes from NHS Lanarkshire since my booking in appointment.  At my last consultant appointment at 24 weeks, they still didn’t have them (and I’m not even sure at that point they had requested them), but at that appointment, the consultant assured me she would write to them.  Needless to say they still didn’t have them, but I saw a letter they had sent, so at least some progress had been made.  But, without the notes, it made the consultant appointment pointless.

So, midwife measured bump and I’m measuring 3 weeks ahead, which I was assured meant nothing! She hummed and hawed about taking an additional blood sample to check my blood sugar levels.  Eventually, she decided to take one.  We talked through the reason for my consultant appointment (I have to do this each time since I see a different midwife for every appointment).  We talked through how I was feeling physically…mentioned the exhaustion and was told to take iron supplements and the carpal tunnel and how I had had a few times during the night when the loss of feeling in my middle fingers was pretty bad.  “Ah well, the joys of pregnancy”.

She then went to get the consultant, and then entered who I can only imagine was her junior assistant, who was a whirlwind, talking 100 miles per minute.  She mentioned the notes, asked again why I was there that day, and said hopefully they would have notes at 34 week appointment, then left.  Even the midwife was confused about what was discussed!  We then talked through a GTT test…which I felt I had to practically beg for, just to put my mind at ease to rule out gestational diabetes as a reason for making big babies!  So, booked in for Tuesday morning.

Meantime, I’ve contacted NHS Lanarkshire to start the process of officially requesting a copy of my medical records for my own benefit.


Doesn’t feel like we’ve had a massive increase this week, but still feel huge…just depends on what I wear.

28+6 weeks (2)28+6 weeks photobomb photobombed!28 weeks bump


Starting to feel quite breathless and have had a pain in chest all week – not sure if its actually chest pain or a weird pain in boob…but highly irritating.  Also seem to have what feels like a trapped nerve in bum cheek when I walk any distances (try the school run).

Still knackered, actually had to go to bed one afternoon during the week for a long nap.  I find I can power through it if I keep busy, seems worse when I’m sitting at desk all day.


1lb on….still not got eating under control.


Feeling quite down and tearful this week – hospital/appointment saga getting to me, as is home life vs running a business situation.  Gone into hermit mode, not wanting to talk to anyone.


Sleep still ok, had 1 night that couldn’t sleep…but was the day I had a big afternoon nap!


Nothing purchased…unless you class a Gurgle magazine subscription a purchase 🙂

Things to-do/Sort

Got whooping cough job booked for Monday, GTT test on Tuesday.  Going to start writing hospital bag list next week – may as well get organised.

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3 thoughts on “#BlogBumpClub : Pregnancy Update – Week 28

    1. I know…that’s what I thought. I know its been 6 years, but surely hospitals have SLA’s to meet when receiving requests for notes. I’m just hoping they arrive in time, and there is no critical info I’ve forgot that will be needed for labour this time round.


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