#MealPrepMonday – Week 1

So, I detest food shopping and try to bulk buy and then batch cook.  However, as I only really cook now for myself and son since hubby usually eats downstairs from restaurant, a lot of food ends up in bin.

My freezer is currently full to bursting with a combination of batch cooked meals and frozen at purchase items, but yet I continue to buy more food.

I have no set budget and have no clue how much I spend; last week’s Tesco online shop was £69 (included nappies and wipes to add to the stockpile) and I couldn’t tell you how many meals that was.  So, after reading Hannah’s post over at hibabyblog of sticking to a strict £25 weekly budget, I thought I really need to get better with my shopping habits, given I will also be going on maternity leave soon and am hoping to not return to work if I can learn to be savvy with my money whilst off.

So, for my first week, I’m going to try and use up a lot of the stuff I bought from last week’s shop or items already in freezer.  I’ve also signed up to Tesco’s Delivery Saver, which I got a discount code for and paid £30 for the annual unlimited option.  To qualify, I need to spend £25 – which I will attempt to stick to, including any baby items required).  I would have preferred to shop at Aldi/Lidl, but to be honest I doubt I will have the time, juggling a newborn, a 6 year old and helping out with business.

So, menu for this week is as follows (separate lines for when its something my son won’t eat…the joys of a fussy eater!)

Meal Prep - Week 1

Most days we have Belvita Breakfast biscuits…we are both addicted to them!  At the weekends, we will sometimes have Special Flakes (Tesco’s own brand) and toast.  Lunch through the week for me is a sandwich (or 3!) of some variety plus numerous snacks!  M will take a packed lunch with a jam sandwich and other bits, but has started to go school dinners more which is bliss!  At weekends, we normally have a roll & sausage or egg in a cup with toast for lunch.  This Saturday, we are planning to be out for lunch with friends.

I’ve done a Tesco shop which arrives this morning – mostly fresh veg and cleaning products which totals £26.04, which is slightly over the £25 limit, but my Belvita brekkie biscuits were on offer, so bought 2 packs plus a massive 48-wash tub of washing powder as was on offer.

What’s on your menu this week?  I’m hoping to steal some ideas for inspiration next week! Happy planning peeps 🙂



6 thoughts on “#MealPrepMonday – Week 1

  1. Ooh that risotto sounds nice, share the recipe if you’ve time!

    It’s a really good idea to use up with bits in your freezer and you did a really good job with the budget and meal plan. I think being really strict is so great because even if one week you do go over, even by quite a lot, you’re still spending so much less overall compared to before.

    I love those breakfast biscuits too btw haha. I usually grab the Aldi version of them but I tried the offical ones but with the yogurt in them from tesco the other week and they’re amazing too!

    I have another monday meal plan post coming today. allegedly…. veryu slow progress on accoutn of a relaxing weekend! haha xx

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  2. I have a load of bulky items taking up room in freezer that I really need to use up and clear out the older batched cooked stuff to make way for some new stuff.

    Was funny when the Tesco man delivered today – I was like, where is the rest of it?!!! Then remembered! Also meant I only had to do one run up the 2 flights of stairs.

    I’ve tried various brands of the biscuits – only like the Honey & Nut ones…even though I don’t like honey! Its probably the only thing I’m a brand snob on lol!


  3. I detest food shopping too! I always have, even pre-twins! I also have mine delivered although I tend to end up making the same things. I need to start cooking in bulk and freezing. Sticking to a £25 is a great idea as I often blow £80 each week easily 😦 xx

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  4. Mummyofboygirltwins – whilst I tried to plan meals and shop around them, never really stuck to a budget in the past. Its a good feeling to try challenging yourself to stick to a limit.

    I’ve even started planning next week’s dinners in an attempt to use up stuff I already have and not do a food shop!


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