#BlogBumpClub : Pregnancy Update – Week 27


Feeling rather paranoid this week after spending 3 days working in office – got a few comments/looks on size of bump – don’t think the pattern on top helped…so it’s back to baggy style outfits to disguise it.  Have midwife/consultant appointment next week, so will be good to get reassured that I’m not off the scale huge.  There has been a few times that it felt like baby was trying to escape through belly button…the novelty of feeling him move is starting to wear off now as just uncomfortable.

27+2 weeks27+4 weeks


Nothing new to report…just absolutely exhausted…back to being able to sleep on edge of knife.


Weight has remained the same 🙂


No crazy pregnant lady moments, but feel like I have lost my mojo this week…no motivation to do anything.  Putting it down to the tiredness.


Some crazy dreams this week, but on the whole, no issues in the sleep department.  Have noticed that my breathing sounds a bit wheezy when lying on back, so will need to force myself to get straight onto side when getting into bed.


No new purchases this week – literally not had a minute to sort anything baby-related.  Was supposed to go cot window-shopping with mum at weekend, but had to cancel as business took priority.  Will have plenty time when go on mat leave!

Things to-do/Sort

Need to book my Whooping Cough jab, which have been advised to get from next week onwards.

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4 thoughts on “#BlogBumpClub : Pregnancy Update – Week 27

  1. You and your bump look lovely and not huge at all. Embrace the patterns and the bump – the bolder the better. Disguises are for cartoon villains!!

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