Healthy Eating in Pregnancy

So, during my first pregnancy, I ate and drank atrociously.  I drank only coffee or diet Irn Bru (by the pallet load). My son was huge when he was born (11lb 2oz and 2ft) and there was talk of undiagnosed gestational diabetes.

My son is a fussy eater, but I blame my mother-in-law for that 😉  But, sometimes I put it down to my lack of variety whilst pregnant.

So, I always said next time round I would eat healthily.  Here we now are 26 weeks in, and I’m following the same pattern.

Everyone says to you “enjoy it, this is the only time you can eat what you want and get away with it”…. “you’re eating for 2 now” and so on.  In reality, that’s not really the case.  You still need to lose it all again at the other end, and when you are already quite overweight to begin with…well, you’re just making it harder on yourself.

So, today I have decided the cycle stops.

I have started the day with a Juiceplus chocolate shake with raspberries blended through….I just couldn’t face a full blown Nutriblast first thing in morning.  At 10am, I got round to having first coffee of the day…normally at this time I’m on cup 3!


Update:  I started off quite well, had my shake then a banana in the morning, and had a yummy prawn and smoked salmon salad for lunch in the glorious sunshine!  I then needed to eat a chocolate muffin to counter balance the healthiness!  Dinner consisted of homemade savoury rice.  I still managed to fit in 2 packets of bacon fries…oops!

Wish me luck…and feel free to shout at me if I mention I’ve been pigging out!


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